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void zbar_image_scanner_enable_cache ( zbar_image_scanner_t scanner,
int  enable 

enable or disable the inter-image result cache (default disabled). mostly useful for scanning video frames, the cache filters duplicate results from consecutive images, while adding some consistency checking and hysteresis to the results. this interface also clears the cache

Definition at line 565 of file img_scanner.c.

References zbar_image_scanner_enable_cache().

Referenced by zbar::ImageScanner::enable_cache(), zbar_image_scanner_enable_cache(), zbar_process_image(), and zbar_processor_set_active().

    if(iscn->cache) {
        /* recycle all cached syms */
        _zbar_image_scanner_recycle_syms(iscn, iscn->cache);
        iscn->cache = NULL;
    iscn->enable_cache = (enable) ? 1 : 0;

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